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Unfortunately the short answer is no, we do not.

No. We suggest the use of a multi-cooker or a Kai cooker instead.

No we are not able to allow camp fires due to a long-standing fire ban in the Hunua Ranges. If you are wanting to use a brazier, please let us know and we can run this past the Council.

Yes, it is. It is our policy that you act as a responsible host and offer food and non-alcoholic beverages at the same time. Kokako Lodge encourages responsible drinking and will require you to use the rubbish and recycling facilities as appropriate. Please be aware that we have neighbours in close proximity and anticipate that you will monitor your alcohol consumption.

Any time up to 1pm is all good with us. If you are looking at a later departure time, please run this past us and we will see what we can do.

Yes, there are a few options. We have orienteering and team-building activities that you can get access to for a small ‘per person’ charge, and then of course we do back onto the beautiful Hunua ranges with its fair share of public walkways.

While we cannot control where wasps are present, we have noticed that they can be around a lot during the March to May months. We do our best to locate and remove nests as and if they occur. We do advise that if you or any of your group are allergic, that you bring along any necessary medication and inform all group members of the risk.

Yes, please, drink lots of it! It comes from a 100-metre deep bore that is onsite. The water pumps up to holding tanks at the top of the hill and is then gravity-fed down on demand. The water quality is checked by an Auckland Council contractor on a weekly basis. If for any reason, there is any issue or concern with our water (or supply thereof) during your stay, please ensure that you inform us of this immediately.

We would love to say yes, however our research has found that there is no affordable product that we can find that will function within our particular location. We had hoped for a ‘café-style’ access option, however they do not operate in our area. This is something that we are continually working on and hope to be able to provide in the future.

As much as what we would like to say that we do have reception, we unfortunately do not. We have spots where phone reception can be gained if you stand right and the weather plays along. Please come prepared to enjoy the tranquil environment in relative peace and quiet and provide the Dining Hall number to anyone who needs to get hold of you. In the event of an emergency, 111 can be dialled from the landline available.

If your day visitors stay for 3 or more hours, they are charged a day rate, yes.

We do not recommend any swimming at the Falls area. When we use the water area for kayaking and raft-bulding, we follow and operate within the Adventure Regulations and our OutdoorsMark accreditation. The Hunua Falls has a number of natural risks that have led to two recent drownings. More than 120,000 people visit the area. The Hunua Falls can be up to 19 metres-deep, with slippery surfaces and sharp drops. The water is cold, aerated and is fresh. Warning and advisory signs are present.

No, when you book, you book the entire venue as an Exclusive Hire.

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