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SCHOOL PACKAGE $13.50 - $20.00

If you are a Pre-school, Primary, Intermediate, High School/ College, or a Tertiary Education Institute, this pricing is for you.

COMMUNITY PACKAGE $15.00 - $35.00

If you are booking for a family reunion, sports team, church, youth group or a corporate multi-day event, this pricing is for you.

WEDDING PACKAGE $4,500/weekend

Nestled at the base of the Hunua Ranges, Kokako offers breath-taking views. Our amazing location is perfect for wedding ceremonies.

Adapted to better suit your needs


Reaching New Heights

This package is for the ultimate adventure seeker. The only time you’ll spend indoors is when you stop for lunch. Put your confidence to the test on the ropes courses, abseil and try your hand at archery – this package is ideal for those who spend all their day indoors.

The Call of the Wild

Reconnect with nature and explore the natural environment surrounding Kokako Lodge. This package comprises a 3-hour tramp experience within the Hunua Ranges native forest. You will find bush clad ranges with streams, waterfalls and magnificent vistas.

Wild Kokako Chase

Put teamwork to the test and let your competitive nature shine. This package requires you to work together to reach the finish line, discovering clues and completing challenges along the way. Improving communication, morale and productivity in the workplace.

Add adventure to your programme with


Abseil (9m)

Walk up the path to our 9m natural cliff, take a deep breath in and lower yourself down between the trees.

Abseil Tower

Climb up our 10m artifical rock wall, take in the breathtaking views before desceding down one of the two abseil faces.

Adventure-Based Learning

Take part in a selection of group-based activities that break 'ice', encourage communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills, and build trust between your group members.


Learn the necessary skills to improve on your bow and arrow techniques to hit one of four targets a short distance away.


Immerse yourselves in our neighbouring bush setting, learning about our native plants, bivvy-building, first aid scenariso and some essential survival skills.

Camp Cooking

Enjoy being educated on different camp cookers, what they offer you and put them to use in a tasty creative way.

Chariots (Land-Rafts)

Using bamboo and rope, groups compete against each other to build a 'chariot' that is strong enough to carry someone around an obstacle course.

Climbing Wall

Bring out your inner rock-climber as you scale a selection of climbs on our 10m artifical rock wall.

High Ropes

Climb up the Centipede, along the Beam or through some tyres, maybe even jump off a pole or see if Kiwi's can fly! An individual activity or team challenge, you choose.

Hunua Hunt

Add an engaging spin to a casual day tramp by finding photo locations using maps and disappearing in the bush for a few hours to gain maximum points for your team.


Jump onto a sit-on top kayak after a paddle and safety introduction and take in the sights of the Hunua Falls waterfall and potentially adventure down the river in low flow.

Low Ropes

A series of deceptively challenging activities designed to foster teamwork, communication, trust and the pushing of personal boundaries.


Race in teams to find all the controls on the maps you are given, in the shortest time possible with the option of two available courses.

Raft Building

Knots, lashing and raft-building concepts are introduced and practiced as you use the bamboo, ropes and tyres to construct your best raft EVER! Two rafts typically created per group, be prepared to get wet!

The Great Pancake Race

A great activity to wrap up your camp stay with us. Compete in groups to win all your pancake items, to allow yourselves as much time as possible before presenting your culinary delight and sales pitch to the Judges.


Spend an hour or four in the Hunua Ranges exploring the Falls, the Cossey Dam and the magnificent Kauris in all their glory.

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